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When I was applying for jobs online, I found this job opportunity for a shipping and receiving coordinator. I sent in my resume and was quickly called back about an opening for a QA, (Quality Assurance Coordinator). I agreed to the interview knowing nothing about the job at all. I assumed it had something to do with checking the quality of a certain product, I decided to go for it and take my chances. Jobs are slim picking these days, what did I have to lose. That was two months ago and I am now a proud QA for a successful printing company.


What is a Quality Assurance Coordinator?

You pretty much run around all day checking the quality of the product being produced. You make sure everything is as close to perfect as can be. You look for mistakes, you check the production sheets and make sure the job numbers and codes match. You make sure the employees are doing their job and not letting any problems slip by. You are pretty much the person no one likes, including the supervisors. I have heard people refer to us as the cops or the FBI. You are the person no one wants to see and it makes everyone a little antsy when you are around.

I have found that making friends in this company is not going to be easy but, I have to say I find it all kind of humorous. Being a QA, you have some control and you pretty much have nothing to do with the supervisor. We have a lead but we only see him once every two months or so from what I hear. The Quality Assurance department is kind of separated from everything else in the company. It is kind of like being in your own little world. Its like being a security guard at a mall or a chaperone at a dance. You make everyone a little paranoid and no one really wants to interact with you. If you have found and opening for a Quality Assurance position and not sure what to expect. Here is a first hand look at the advantages and disadvantages of being a QA.

The advantages of being a QA.

If you like control and not having a boss always looking over your shoulder, this is the job for you.

The freedom is very nice. You are on your own schedule and you are not stuck at a machine all day. You get to move around a lot which makes the day go by so much faster.

If it is a slow day, you finish your rounds a lot faster which gives you extra free time. Some people take advantage of this but, I do not. If you want to play on your phone at work, then being a QA is the job for you.

The sweet feeling of catching a mistake can make you feel proud and important. Showing a supervisor a problem he or she did not know about earns you a lot of respect.

f you are a social butterfly then this is the job for you. You pretty much get the opportunity to interact with everyone working at the company and you get to flirt with anyone that has got your eye.

The work is relatively easy as long as you are able to focus and keep your eye open. The feeling of control can be a nice feeling as well.

The disadvantages of being a QA.

You are not everyone's favorite person in the world and I find it hard sometimes to start a conversation with someone. They kind of respond as if you are a teacher at school. They keep it short and simple.

Making people mad when you find a little mistake that the employee thinks is ok. When you find a problem the employee is put on the spot. They all want to get their numbers. When you stop production you will have some angry co workers.

You really have no one to go too for help or a problem. The supervisor on the floor will answer questions but, you have to remember they are more worried about production than stopping it for a minor problem as well. You can make their job a little bit more stressful which they hate.

If something goes wrong or a mistake slips through. Who is the first person they are going to look at, the QA. You will most likely be held responsible for a major mistake in production.

If the company has a major fall out. The Quality Assurance department will be one of the first ones to go.

You really have no one to notice you as working hard or give you any credit for how hard you work. No one cares about you. The chances of a nice increase or promotion is slim.

The pay is not that great. I guess it depends on who you are working for. If you are a QA for a car or truck manufacturer, I am sure the pay is very nice.

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